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Hong jong hyun dan nana dating

Tentang Hong Jong Hyun Nana Dating HoteldiJogja. Net Penggemar pasangan “We Got Married”, Hong Jong Hyun dan Yura Girl’s Day mendapat serangan jantung mendadak. Transpotasi tersedia layanana taksi dan layanan antar jemput bandara dengan baiay ekstra. Fasilitas dalam kamar meliputi tempat tidur, area duduk, bar mini, TV, AC, gratis air minum dalam. Read More. Tag untuk Halaman ini hong jong hyun and nana dating.

Another WGM Dust-up with Rumors of Hong Jong Hyun Dating. Dikenal serasi di “WGM” dengan Yura, Hong Jong Hyun malah dosipkan berpacaran dengan artis lain. Another WGM Dust-up with Rumors of Hong Jong Hyun Dating Nana While Doing Show with Yura A Koala's. Lee Jong Seok Rumored to Join the C-version of We Got Married Co-. Maybe it's just me but I think Phil is looking at Dan's lips.

Lagi-Lagi Ditanya Soal Pacari Nana After School, Ini Jawaban Hong. Kabarnya aktor “Dating Agency” tersebut pacaran dengan Nana After School. Hong Jong Hyun dan Nana sempat dirumorkan memiliki hubungan spesial pada Januari 2015 lalu. Saat itu, Jong Hyun sedang membintangi.

Hong jong hyun dan nana dating hong jong hyun dan nana dating hong. Rumors surfaced on January 22nd that actor Hong Jong Hyun and After School‘s Nana had been dating for seven months, but the rumors have been shot down by Nana through her agency. Hong jong hyun dan nana dating.

Hong Jong Hyun Talks About His Previous Dating Rumor With After. Pledis Entertainment stated, “We have already verified with Nana, and she has stated that she is absolutely not dating Hong Jong Hyun.” The rumors came after Korean magazine Woman Sense reported that Hong Jong Hyun and Nana were spotted dating at an amusement park in Wolmido on Christmas Day last year. Nov 6, 2016. During the interview, Hong Jong Hyun talked about his previous dating rumor with After School's Nana. The two were suspected of dating back.

Hong jong hyun dan nana dating - Hong jong hyun yura really dating Nana was also said to have playfully ed Hong Jong Hyun ‘zzong.’ The report added that the two had been dating for seven months, and progressed from colleagues to a couple after hosting On Style’s ‘Style Log’ together last year. Custom Search.

Hong jong hyun yura really dating Adventure with Dementia! [ 22,742, -639] What does that make Yura, she's been trying so hard on broadcast this whole time, at least have some respect for her, ugh;;2. Hong Jonghyun got famous for how cold he was to Nana and women loved him for recognizing when a woman was being a sly fox and noring it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ but they're dating..5. Pronunciation hong jong hyun yura really dating. mobile phone and hong jong hyun dan nana dating everyone has rht to get ticked off left hong jong hyun.

Hong Jong Hyun address dating rumor with Nana + not having a. [ 19,406, -288] No wonder Hong Jonghyun's always been so cold to Yura3. [ 93, -5] Hul, didn't Nana give them advice and stuff when they first started WGM? I like how they started off by saying the were "checking in" with them but after they saw how negative the public reacted, they immediately come out with the denial. [ 541, -23] Hong Jonghyun always half assed his segment on the show while Yura was trying her damn hardest to make something work. What does that make Yura who's been trying so hard all this time. [ 456, -30] So this is where his image gets caught ㅋㅋㅋ the cold iron man turns into a fake image king. [ 10,714, -427] Then why'd they go to Wolmido together? [ 9,358, -129] If it ends up being true, they'll end up like Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo6. Nov 7, 2016. Actor Hong Jong Hyun addressed his dating rumor with After School's Nana. In an Interview with OSEN on November 7, Hong Jong Hyun was.

Hong Jong-hyun - pedia [ 18,400, -255] Hul, proves once again that WGM's just an act4. He was cold to Nana on broadcast too but they go to Wolmido together over Christmas??? Or did Nana somehow manage to break through his iron exterior? [ 18,106, -209] Won't know until Dispathc reports on it2. [ 2,120, -22] You couldn't have honestly expected them to be like, "Yes, we've been dating for 7 months now" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ7. Hong Jong-hyun hangul 홍종현; born February 2, 1990 is a South Korean model and actor. by supporting roles in Jeon Woo-chi 2012 and Dating Agency Cyrano 2013. 2014, Style Log, Season 2, OnStyle, With Jo Min-ho, Nana.

Who is Hong Jong-hyun’s girlfriend? Lovelife about Hong Jong-hyun [ 707, -28] Is this the birth of the female Lee Joon...3. [ 108, -2] It's not shocking that Hong Jonghyun has a girlfriend but it's shocking that it's Nana. Girlfriend. Earlier this year in January, Hong Jong Hyun was caught up in a dating rumor with Nana when a local media source reported that the two have been dating for about seven months.

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